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Al Noor Tower is part of a bigger project from Middle East Development Dubai Al Noor City - The City of Lights

Owner : Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen ( MED - Dubai - UAE)
Project Manager & Concept of the tower : Amédée Santalo ( Concept Designer - FR )
Architect : Denis Valode ( Valode & Pistre - Paris FR)

The Hight : 540 m
The Floors : 114


Living Area : 335'000 m2
Builtup Area : 375'000 m2

The minimum ground surface needed for the tower only : 7 hectares
The minimum ground surface needed including the podium : 25 hectares

The Atrium : 100 m


Location : Africa (on going project)

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Breaking the codes in architecture (designed in 2015)

The extreme simplicity of its shape gives an elegance never equaled this tower of 650 m.
A line of perfect proportions (Golden Ratio), repeated 7 times around a central axis to form 7 petals at its base. Each petal will host and represent a luxury sector.

Designed by Amédée Santalo & Pininfarina (Gianni Giuffrida)

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