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Why should you wait for the business to come to you? DO IT YOURSELF

Create your own business! We believe this is the strongest way of growing businesses!

Our aim is also to design projects for our clients / partners.

Amedee Santalo has great experience in creating concepts since more than 25 years. More than concepts, he has experience in mega project's management.

Let us think together about your future!



Amédée Santalo has always been surrounded by top-notch team, clients and partners. During the last 25 years he developed an important portfolio of decision makers in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia.
He also has a great experience in dealing with Governments.

We are happy to push our members through our contacts with the desire of seeing projects happening and create synergies towards mutual success.


After 25 years spent on projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East Our team understands the need of all parts, from the locals who want to develop projects to the foreign investor who wants to penetrate the market and succeed.
Our team is working like a "Family business", always concerned in supporting new valuable challenges.

We are having strong connections in many countries; our own portfolio is vast and consists of more than 700 top-notch companies.

To succeed in Africa, like anywhere else, an important asset is always the local partner, the one who knows how to handle and manage the local policies.

Online Consulting

Amédée Santalo, ClavisCircle's founder is offering you online consulting for your projets.



Our strength is the ability in delivering solutions  with innovations to insure projects to go in the right direction in respect of Human and Nature's law.

We are working for our clients like if we were working for our own business as for us there is no difference.



Clavis Circle organise working sessions 2 or 3 times a year in order to detabe about new markets, business opportunities, networks and creates projects to penetrate emmergent market surch as Africa, Middle East and Asia.   READ MORE >>

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